Идея создания Академии родилась в компании Gemar Srl.; конечной целью данной ассоциации является профессиональное обучение, нацеленное на сохранение и распространение искусства оформления/декорирования итальянскими воздушными шарами.



It's time to make waves

Standing out and making waves in your community is what gives your business the hot air it needs to rise above your competitors Gemar prides itself on its mission to look ahead and design balloons that are one step in front of everyone else, bringing the future trends into the present so that you can ride the waves. Our Mermaid theme was born out of this intention as we recognised escapism was becoming big business. Mythical creatures were all the range, but unicorns had already been done so it was time to explore the ocean The mermaids themselves provided our balloon designers with a gorgeous array of colours and playful images to work with and we are sure you are agree, the results are cute, fun, beautiful and definitely on trend.



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Yekaterinburg September 24th 2018
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See our Masters at work.
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Warsaw September 13th & 14th 2018
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Talent of our territory
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It's time to make waves
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Balloon convention in Las-Vegas, #GemarJam2018