“Accademia del Palloncino Italiano” is an association with the sole purpose of offering professional training activities aimed towards preserving and spreading the art of decoration with The Italian Balloon.

Accademia del Palloncino Italiano

“Accademia del Palloncino Italiano” is an association with the sole purpose of offering professional training activities aimed towards preserving and spreading the art of decoration with The Italian Balloon.

Being the starting point for anyone who wants to approach balloon art professionally, Accademia transfers the indispensable cultural notions to refine and develop techniques and to promote personal creativity.

Accademia is an excellent tool for professionals, a breeze of new ideas and concepts that can enrich even the best of portfolios.

The use of balloons for decoration has grown considerably, galas, events, theatre, fashion, television, inaugurations, conventions, sport and important occasions can be enriched by the brilliant colours and infinite applications of latex balloons molded into artistic creations.

Accademia is perfectly integrated within this context, being able to count on the cooperation of the best and finest Italian master decorators who are the docents of the training courses.

Accademia del Palloncino Italiano champions Italian style and exploits the exclusive qualities of the Italian Balloon, characteristics such as elasticity, form, reliability and an extensive range of brilliant colours & sizes provide a competitive advantage to trainees once they have become professionals.

“Accademia” philosophy

  • promote and transfer the knowledge of balloon art
  • defend and protect the Italian balloon from counterfeiting
  • promote GEMAR balloons thru Italian style
  • develop and sustain the profession of balloon art by investing in the artistic talent and pertise of Master decorators
  • research and development of new techniques, products and applications within the sphere of balloon art and decoration

“Accademia” activities

  • for all fans of balloon art: world wide events with Accademia Master decorators, a perfect showcase to improve and exhibit techniques and measure your skills
  • for balloon art professionals: world wide workshops designed to illustrate and teach the latest techniques, balloon applications in combination with different materials and accessories
  • customized training sessions: tailor made training sessions at Accademia's home in Casalvieri, Italy, that provide "in depth" training designed to specific requirements
  • do-it-yourself: photo & video editorials of compositions, decorations and applications made with GEMAR balloons available in a practical "step by step tutorial" format featuring explicit explanations and illustrative images that are regularly published thru www.adpi.it and the Accademia magazine

How does Accademia develop it's activities

Accademia transfers the techniques, skills and know how through a training process that is based on enhancing and refining talent, taste and creativity.

Who should participate in Accademia's activities

Accademia's activities target different professional figures: entertainers, florists, decorators, artists, event managers but especially beginners who intend to specialize in the profession of balloon art.

The balloons used by Accademia

The union of Made in Italy & Italian style is what makes Accademia such a success, GEMAR balloons are blended with the talent, the taste, the creativity and the design of Italian Master decorators.

The characteristics of these balloons are unique: a quality product in constant evolution that can boast a range of over 60 colors & sizes to satisfy the demanding requirements of balloon art.

The vision of Accademia

Accademia del Palloncino Italiano aims to be a reference and centre of artistic culture, a pool of talent from which the balloon art world may draw upon for brilliant, innovative and prestigious solutions.



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